Am I Leading My Team As If Time Is Endless?

posted by Darren Mitchell March 8, 2022 0 comments

Like most sports loving fans around the world, I woke to the tragic news on Saturday morning that Shane Warne had tragically passed away. The sobering realisation as I tried to comprehend the news was that Shane was 52 years of age, only a year younger than me. I then reflected on the age when my father passed away – he was 54, & it prompted some significant reflection & thought over the weekend.

One of the key questions I have been asking myself this weekend is ‘Am I living my life as if time is endless?’ which has also prompted reflections into my leadership development, coaching & mentoring, & whether I have been challenging my clients & their teams strongly enough.

Experiencing a sudden shock like a death or significant change in circumstances can often prompt this reflective practice, however it does beg the question as to why. Why does it take an event such as this to create a ‘reality check’?

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