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Sales Leadership (1)

Sales Leadership Mentoring & Coaching 1:1

As a sales leader, there is a never ending challenge to create, implement and then embed a game plan that will deliver outstanding and sustainable sales and revenue results. Often sales leaders are ‘thrown to the wolves’ and are expected to deliver immediate results, often without the support required. I provide that support.

The Sales Leadership Mentoring & Coaching program includes :

  • Extended DISC™ profile analysis to understand your preferred leadership behavioural style
  • Development of your Sales Leadership Game Plan including :
    • Strategies and techniques to clearly understand the players on your team, their strengths & areas of focus
    • A clear methodology to establish and embed high quality sales standards and behaviours across your team
    • Ideas to to enable you to develop specific offensive and defensive strategies to differentiate you and your team from the competition
    • Highly effective feedback strategies
    • Strategic decision making capabilities
  • Unlimited email support
  • Sales Leadership hotline