The Hero’s Journey With Paul Glover

posted by Darren Mitchell February 23, 2022 0 comments

Irrespective of where you are currently in your leadership career, you are on a Hero’s Journey. You will encounter obstacles, you will be invited to enter a new world and refuse the call. You will meet mentors along the way who will help guide you and prepare you for your greatest challenge, and each step is a necessary step in your development. In today’s episode, I had a phenomenal conversation with Paul Glover, a man who has fully embraced his Hero’s Journey, who has experienced some very tough challenges, and has tapped into the lessons from those challenges and is now paying it forward, helping executives and business owners unleash their potential and embrace their own Hero’s Journey. I’m sure you will gain significant value from the gold that Paul shares.

To connect with Paul, please go to:

Website – www.paulglovercoaching.com

Email – paul@paulglovercoaching.com

LinkedIn – Paul Glover

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