Be The Leader Your Team Needs You to Be

posted by Darren Mitchell November 15, 2021 0 comments

One thing that has come out of the last 20 months is that the world feels a lot smaller. The volume of news and information being front of mind globally has been almost unlike any other time in history. And with this has come a much sharper focus on leadership. To say that there is a huge void in quality leadership around the world right now would be a massive understatement. For young people with ambitions of leading others in the future, unfortunately they do not have great examples of leaders to emulate. However, there is a fear that these young people observe the current leaders and believe that is leadership. It’s not. We need to change the narrative.We need leaders to step up and provide a different and better example of what real leadership is. And it starts with me and it starts with you. It’s time to be the Leader that your team needs and deserves.

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