Servant Leadership Is Powerful Sales Leadership

posted by Darren Mitchell October 26, 2021 0 comments

Many sales leaders, when they transition from individual contributor to sales leader, continue the same behaviours they demonstrated as a sales person. They love the hunt and get excited by the prospect of winning the deal. Very often this can lead to disengagement & de-positioning of the sales team.  When it comes to leading your team, do you find yourself solving the team’s problems, believing that through solving the problem, you are serving them?  I certainly believed that, until I discovered that solving the team’s problems for them was actually creating an environment of co-dependency. As a result, I was not serving them at all. The key is to develop independent thinking within the team.  Great sales leaders recognise there is a better way – servant leadership. Serving their team so that the team has the opportunity to be sustainably successful. Are you a servant leader?

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