The Power Of Sales Mentoring With Navid Momeni

posted by Darren Mitchell April 15, 2022 0 comments

If you analyse every successful person, whether they be in sport, business, and especially sales, every single one of them has at least one mentor. They recognise that in order to achieve great things, they cannot do it alone, so they consciously choose to sit on the shoulders of giants. Navid Momeni is a perfect example of this. Having been identified as a ‘great salesman’ at the age of 9, Navid has made it a non-negotiable in his career to surround himself with mentors who can teach him, who can guide him, and who can challenge him. And as a result, he has achieved extraordinary results in his sales career, and is now dedicated to paying it forward and mentoring sales people, sales leaders and business start ups. A fascinating conversation in today’s episode, which I thoroughly enjoyed – I trust you do as well.

To connect with Navid, go to:

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/salescoachnavidmomeni/

Website – https://www.salesguruglobal.com/

To purchase a copy of his best selling book, “How To Become A Sales Master”, click here.

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