Sales Leadership In The Digital Age With Art Harding

posted by Darren Mitchell February 3, 2022 0 comments

On today’s episode, I have the privilege of speaking with Art Harding, Chief Operating Officer at People.ai about sales and sales leadership in the digital age. Art has travelled a different pathway to most sales leaders and presents a very powerful perspective on what exceptional sales leadership looks like today and into the future. Some of the key topics we discuss include:

  • How data & information leads to the role of the sales person being even more important
  • Sales leadership challenges in the digital age
  • The importance of real time feedback and coaching
  • The modern sales ecosystem
  • The power of simplification
  • Identifying the metrics that matter
  • Establishing the true baseline
  • 3 key areas sales leaders should be focused on

It is a great episode for all sales leaders and aspiring sales leaders and is packed full of value.

To connect with Art, please go to:



Email – art.harding@people.ai

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