Champions Stick To the Game Plan

posted by Darren Mitchell January 31, 2022 0 comments

Irrespective of whether you are a tennis fan or not, we have witnessed a true champion in Ash Barty over the last 2 weeks at the Australian Open. She has handled herself with grace, poise, humility and dignity throughout the entire tournament, despite the huge pressure of expectation sitting on her shoulders. And even though she expressed a level of emotion when she won the title, she has maintained a level of calmness and certainty that has only increased her popularity. It goes without saying that Ash is a very very talented tennis player and she is totally dedicated to her craft, constantly looking to improve. But talent only takes us so far. What separates champions from their competition is the meticulous planning and formulation of a game plan that works, followed by relentless execution. Champions stick to the game plan and their is a huge lesson here for sales leaders.

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