Breakthroughs Happen On The Other Side Of One More

posted by Darren Mitchell October 18, 2021 0 comments

Are you curious as to what it is that separates the exceptional performers, whether they be in business, sport, or entertainment, from their competitors? Many point to talent as being a key reason. Talent is a contributor but it is not the defining factor. Others point to connections – who they know – as a factor. Being connected certainly helps, but again, it is not the defining factor. Some even point to luck. Yes, luck does play a part, but again, it is not the defining factor. And many also point to hard work. Yes, not a single successful person became successful without working hard. That is a given. However, what’s really interesting about exceptionally successful people is their relentless focus on ‘one more’. It is this focus that separates them from their competition.

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